Visibility Incubator

If your word for 2023 is VISIBILITY, I have something for you.

I want to introduce the Visibility Incubator.

It's a 6-month small group container in which we work on growing your network.

This is for:

⭐ those who don't like to use ONLY social media for marketing

⭐ introverts who know they need to grow their circle of influence

⭐ creatives who want to build a network of people who can talk about them

⭐ business owners who want to build genuine relationships with their clients, potential clients, and the communities they are part of.

Some things we will work on:

⭐ understanding influence and communication

⭐ leveraging your hobbies to make new connections

⭐ joining communities of people that can support you

⭐ learning how to pitch to podcasts and magazines

⭐ collaborating with others to widen your reach without the effort of creating your own content.

I used these exact strategies to increase my visibility in 2022.

As a result, I built strong relationships and sold my book and services without spending countless hours on social.

2 of my clients came from ONE podcast interview.

The latest 10 book sales came in one week from ONE collaboration. And there are many others on Amazon that I don't know about.

As a result of ONE talk, I already have my next collaboration booked.

These are just a few examples.

Join me in the Visibility Incubator.

We start in January.

It's only £30 per month. For 6 months. We meet every 2 weeks on Zoom and chat on Whatsapp.

You get ideas, coaching, support, and accountability.

We need at least 5 people to start. 3 already said YES.

Wanna join us? Send me a DM.

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